A Foolproof Plan To Prevent Dark Circles

As soon as you reach adulthood, you almost instantly end up with dark circles under your eyes. I don’t know why, but everyone in their twenties seems to suffer from them! The annoying thing is, they’re really hard to get rid of. You can reverse the effects, but it usually takes a few months. Instead, you’re better off trying to prevent them in the first place. Prevention is always easier, and stopping your dark circles is shockingly simple. 

Honestly, after reading this foolproof plan, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. It’s worth noting that these ideas and tips can also help you get rid of your existing dark circles. Still, as mentioned, it’s best to follow these habits before your black bags really start to form.

Step 1: Sleep

A very simple step that you should all be able to follow! A lack of sleep is the number one cause of dark circles. You don’t need me to explain this, it’s pretty clear that this is the case. If you’ve ever had a rough night’s sleep, you’ll see the effects immediately when you wake up. 

Essentially, the skin under your eyes gets really thin and pale when you don’t sleep. In turn, this causes blood vessels and other pigments to show through the skin, creating the shadowy effect. It’s easily preventable by sleeping 7-8 hours every night. Admittedly, this is harder than usual during COVID-19 as stress levels are very high. In which case, you should take care of your stress before you try going to sleep. I find that having a nice bath or meditating can clear your head and make you sleepy. Also, reading a book is an absolute lifesaver – I’ve fallen asleep with a book in my face many times!

Step 2: Moisturise and hydrate

If the skin under your eyes gets really dry, you end up getting dark circles. Again, this is basically because it loses its plumpness and becomes dull and thin. Therefore, you have to moisturise and hydrate this area. It sounds complicated, but you can use your regular moisturiser to do this. Just be sure you get some under your eyes when you’re dabbing it in. If there’s collagen in the moisturiser, that’s even better as it helps to repair the dull skin. 

Alternatively, you could hydrate the skin and breathe new life into it with some cucumber slices. You’ve seen this in spas for many years, and it’s more than just an aesthetic look. The moisture from the cucumbers hydrates the skin and wakes it up. You’ll look and feel more refreshed right away!

Step 3: Block out the UV rays

While a lack of sleep is the leading cause of black bags, UV rays can also be a big culprit. This comes when you don’t protect your eyes from the sun. It’s quite hard to put sunscreen under your eyes as you don’t want to get any in your actual eyeball! So, most of us go out with zero protection whatsoever. 

To rectify this, make a straightforward change to your daily life; wear sunglasses. If it’s sunny, put on a pair of shades to block out the UV rays and protect your eyes. You can click here to see loads of different sunglasses and eyeglasses that will do the trick. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, just as long as the lenses say they give UV protection. 

Step 4: Address any other underlying causes

The last step is optional as it doesn’t affect all of you. Some people have dark circles for reasons other than the ones mentioned above. You could follow the previous tips and still see black bags forming. Why? 

The chances are you have some sort of issue with your nose/sinuses. If you have allergies or another problem that leaves you with a blocked nose, this can cause dark circles. I think allergies are probably the most common reason for this, but you could have things like rhinitis. If this is the case, you have to deal with these underlying causes or your dark circles will never go away. For allergies, this could mean using a nasal spray to keep your nose unblocked and installing an air purifier in your room. 

Anyone can follow these steps, meaning anyone can enjoy a face with no dark circles. All of these tips are important, but the first and last ones are probably the most vital. A lack of sleep causes so many dark circles, so you must address this if you want to see results. Similarly, suppose your issue is caused by allergies/another nasal issue. In that case, it needs to be seen to, or the other advice won’t work.

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