Change Up Your Look With These Tips

From time to time, we want to change up our look, and from time to time aren’t sure we want to do something drastic. Luckily, we can make so many smaller changes to our appearance that we will notice and enjoy. 

Often it isn’t a big change we want to make; it is something small that can cheer us up and make us feel like we aren’t being ‘the same’ or stuck in a rut. 


Hair is one place where we can have a lot of fun! We can change the style, the color and more of our hair. Switching it up from soft mousey brown to bold blonds or glossy chocolate browns. 

Our hair isn’t a significant commitment since colors can fade within a few weeks, it will start to grow again, or you can have it redone. 

If you want to do something a little bit bigger, you can invest in some wigs! Wigs can change your look with very little effort. 

Before you start buying wigs, though, it is always worth reading some tutorials to help you fit the wig to perfection. 


If you want a budget-friendly way to change your look, then accessories are the perfect way to do it. Piercings are one of the places you can have the most fun with changing accessories and switching out your stud earrings for hoops or switching your nose stud for a nose ring

Huggy earrings have been popular for a while and, when combined with a range of ear cuffs, can look like you have a range of piercings all over your ears. 

If you aren’t keen on changing your piercing, you can play around with other things like stackable rings and necklaces. Choose different sizes and different metal types to create your own unique look. 


Changing your look can be as simple as a slick of bold red lipstick. Many of us have a regular look that we go to for every occasion. That makeup look could be a tried and tested method, and you know you can have it perfected in less than 15 minutes. 

But it might be time to change it up and change your regular nude colors to something like a gold or bronze eye or a subtle mauve. The options are endless to create a new look that you love, and people will notice. 

There are also many people who have never played with makeup at all; trying a lightweight CC or BB cream can give you a fresh look. 

For a dewy look that can help liven up dull skin, add a couple of drops of a luminizer into your regular foundation. You’ll have a youthful, dewy complexion in no time at all. 

It might take a little while before you find the change of look you are looking for, but don’t worry! There are so many different styles and looks to try you can take your time to find the one that you love the most. 

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