Colourful Cross Stitch Craft Kits

I love anything to do with sewing, dressmaking, cross-stitching and definitely needlepoint. It can brighten up pieces of home furnishings or allow you to create one off individual pieces.

This is why I was so excited to be introduced to a wonderful brand, Chasing Threads. An innovative brand that inspire you to start a new craft project for the modern world!

Instead of using traditional cross-stitch fabric, the canvas are perforated leather (genuine and faux both available), with individually wrapped threads around cool cardboard aeroplanes, with the end results being awesomely unique travel accessories.

If you have never attempted cross-stitch, the website has manytemplatesvideo tutorials and step-by-step instructions to get you started. 

Perfect crafting time for this lockdown, Chasing Threads has launched a range of DIY Stitch kits but not as you know them. From Pouches and Purses, to Passport Covers and Wallets, that can be stitched and personalised as a DIY project.

In the latest collections, you can ‘Stitch your Star Sign’, sew love to show love with an easy ‘Heart Strings’ DIY, or create a unique design on your Stitch Glasses Case.

The result is a colourful collection of leather accessories (both genuine and faux now available).

Inspired by traditional embroidery and aiming to bring ‘craft’ into the mainstream fashion and accessories market. It enables personalisation and creativity to bring an antidote to mass production by celebrating DIY. Chasing Threads range make perfectly accessible gifts, that are not just for craft enthusiasts. 

Take a look at my attempt of stitching my star sign on a faux leather zip pouch bag.



Without even opening the box, you are super excited!

Once you open the delightful box, these are your contents. The zip pouch with the perforated holes, a sheet with each star sign and the shape it should be for you to easily follow, and lastly the wonderful golden thread on the cute cardboard aeroplane!

The end result!! The beauty of these products are that there are truly no rules or boundaries when it comes to crafting, as you can see from my zip pouch. I’ve added smaller star shapes in both gold and a green which I thought is very close to Peridot, (the birth stone for August!)


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