Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

I’ve just shared my Christmas Gift Guide, but what about shopping for that one person who has pretty much everything? It’s usually a big headache trying to find something they don’t have, and which they will love, but this year, I’ve made it easy for you by collecting together some of the best gift ideas for the hard to buy for…

A Title

Unless you move in some pretty impressive circles, chances are your person to have everything doesn’t have their very own title so why not get them one? Over at, you can purchase a pretty impressive gift pack that will give your giftee everything they need to claim the title Laird, Lord or Lady of the manor. They’ll get their own (small) plot of land in Ireland, help a good cause by contributing towards the upkeep of a nature reserve and have the right to a title, which can be surprisingly convenient when dealing with hotels, airlines and other services who are not impressed when dealing wit a Laird, Lord or Lady what’s not to love?

An Experience

When it comes to the person who has everything, it can be a good idea to move away from material goods and towards experience-based gifts instead. After all, they may have most things you can think of but they probably don’t have their own hot air balloon or access to an award-winning chef. Websites like enable you to purchase gift cards that will give your loved one access to everything from the chance to drive an F1 car to a ride in a helicopter and they never fail to impress. What’s more, you can back an experience day from as little as £19 depending on what you choose.

A subscription box services

Something else that is sure to appeal to your difficult giftee is a subscription box. Sign them up and they’ll regularly receive a treat in the mail. From books to vegan treats, there are so many subscription box services out there that you’re surrey to find one they’ll love, and because they deliver something new and interesting each month, you can be fairly sure that the recipient won’t have it all!

Custom perfume

Companies like will let you create your own custom fragrance which they will manufacture and then send out to you. Most of us love a good fragrance, so this cloud be thew ideal gift for that person who has everything because, one thing’s for sure, they won’t have that! Just make sure that you take into account their tastes and preferences when you select the ingredients for their new signature scent.

A Hamper

If you know the recipient well, putting together a celebration hamper that features all of their favourite treat foods, drinks and wine is sure to be a winner, Just buy a wicker basket (you can get them on eBay) a bit of ribbon and then as much food and drink as your gifting budget allows for, assemble and you’re good to go.

Something homemade

The beauty of homemade gifts is that they’re unique to you, so if all else fails, bake them a cake, cook them some special jam or brew them a batch of your very own gin. As long as you take your time, get it right and dress it up nicely so it looks great, chances are they will love it, and you’ll love knowing that you’ve created something that is so unique and so appreciated by your loved one too. Not to mention, it’s a great way to fill some time!

Your time

This one is a bit leftfield, but if you really can’t think of a single thing they’ll love, you may want to consider giving them the gift of your time, Print out a lot of coupons for things like an hour of babysitting, walking the dog or cooking dinner and present them to your loved one in a pretty card. They’ll love knowing that they can call on you to help them out when they need it, and it will show them that you truly care because you are willing to go out of your way to help them.

Buying gifts can be a nightmare, especially when you know someone who has it all, but if you try the above ideas out, you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself, and you’ll cement yourself as the best gift-giver in your circle.


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