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It was recently reported that the long-time lingerie supplier to the Queen, London’s Rigby & Peller, was to be stripped of its 57-year royal warrant. The reason? Sources say that the decision came after comments were made in the former owner’s memoirs, ‘Storm in a D-Cup’, detailing royal bra fittings amongst other behind the scenes stories.

Though lingerie is an intimate experience, the topic of bra fittings seems to be an area where us women don’t tend to focus on. Little Women, a specialist lingerie brand, which designs and manufactures bras for women with smaller cup sizes (AAA-B), recently conducted a poll to find out when their followers last had a bra fitting.

38% – What’s a bra fitting

24% – My first bra

15% – Every few years

23% – If my weight changes

Where do you fall? I would have to admit that bra shopping is not my favourite. I fall in the “Little Women” category and rarely get a bra fitting, as I also struggle to find the right fitting bra as surgery has left me with uneven sized breasts. So for me, it goes beyond just finding a padded bra. To find a bra that doesn’t feel too costumey or too bulky, is a real struggle.

The Pearl bra by Little Women is a seamless non-wired t-shirt bra, with optional soft padded inserts to crank up or dial down cleavage and boosts cleavage by up to three sizes, using game-changing technology and design.

Caroline Jackson, CEO of Little Women, explains: “What is so special about the Pearl bra is the option it gives women to have the cleavage they desire, parceled up in a super comfortable, non-wired package.”
“The option to use none, either or both pads to boost the uplift effect, and enhance the cleavage, truly is a game changer for the often overlooked smaller cup sized customer.”

Sometimes that added boost can give you much needed confidence – to wear that special outfit, for example – and a bigger cleavage has been cited as increasing confidence in women by up to 75% in a 2012 UK study.
Caroline adds: “We think this is going to be a must-have staple for women with cup sizes AAA-B. Early interest in the bra is off the scale, and we anticipate a heavy demand.
“The cups and construction make for a classic T-shirt bra that is perfect for any occasion.”

The Pearl bra has easily removable soft double padding, and comes in black and peony colours. The bra and the cradle style padding have been designed specifically for smaller cup sizes, and wowed models at the Little Women new season shoot:

“The difference with the Pearl bra, compared to other push-up bras, is that the results looked so natural,” says Charlotte Tudberry, “and it was so comfortable – just like wearing a normal t-shirt bra.
“I hadn’t seen the double-cradle padding design before but I’m a complete convert; it creates a far more natural-looking cleavage and has the added benefit of being adjustable. I’ll be wearing it all party season!”


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