Little Ways to Look After Your Mental Health As You Age

As we get older we can start to realise that part of our lives that are infallible. When you’re younger, you can feel invincible but as you get older the temptation to jump on any health craze presents itself. But the one thing that we all have a battle with these days is our mental health. As we get older we can start to feel the demons overcoming us. But as we get older we gain perspective as well. Learning to look after your mental health is about a few simple practices.

Little Doses of Happiness Where You Can Find It

We can feel that we are either happy or sad. The fact of the matter is that we can microdose ourselves with happiness. It’s about learning the perspective of the long game. This can be about incorporating little aspects into our day that makes us feel better such as deep breathing or even more modern health supplements, such as CBD gummies, which have been shown to positively impact people with anxiety. And if we can find little doses of happiness, whether it’s through a health supplement or stopping and smelling the roses this is better than no happiness at all.

Becoming Mindful

It is something everybody is aware of, but do not necessarily take it onboard. But becoming mindful is not about sitting there meditating. At least, it’s not if you don’t want it to be! There are ways to use mindfulness with meditation but becoming mindful is not about closing your eyes. It’s all about being aware of how you feel in the moment. Checking in on yourself by taking a moment to become aware of how you are feeling in mind and body can help you to understand if you truly need to take a step back from the day. But in addition to this, becoming mindful gives you a far better idea of the baseline that you have every single day. You will wake up in the morning, conduct a quick mindfulness session and check in with yourself and this will give you an indicator of how hard you need to work on certain aspects. If you aren’t feeling 100%, finding the reason why means that you can work better at fixing this.

Overall Health Becomes Even More Important

We know the importance of health, but when it comes to our mental health, we need to incorporate the right practices that benefit us in numerous ways. You may find that as you get older you are more sensitive to certain foods. There has been a link between gluten intake and depression. And if you are someone that consumes a lot of bread, this might be worth addressing. But also it’s important to remain active because of the very simple reason that endorphins will help you in the long run. In addition to this, conducting strength training will help you to feel a greater sense of achievement. You can do this by purchasing some resistance bands and doing some strength protocols. 

Simple, but always effective, try some of these approaches.


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