Nail your nail painting with Nailpad

Wearing nail polish is probably one of my favourite things. Sitting down each week, and looking through my many, many (many!) colours and deciding which colur to wear that week!

But like many, applying nail colour isn’t always the easiest task, finding a flat surface, or when you’re just chilling out watching TV, you don’t want to faff with setting up a proper nail applying station.

That’s where Nailpad comes to the rescue. Nailpad is a portable nail polish station, with an integrated polish pot holder.

Designed to solve a variety of at home and on-the-go nail-painting dilemmas, Nailpad provides a flat and stable surface, to help ensure an easy and smooth nail polish application, every time.

Problematic issues such as precariously balanced polish bottles between knees, the inevitable cushion tower topple or magazine slide and that accidental smudge of red that’s never going to fade, were just some of the reasons that led identical twins Carrie and Tori to develop the Nailpad concept.

Created with solutions in mind, Nailpad is beautifully simple and brilliantly practical.

The Nailpad folds neatly in half, meaning it can be used as a storage device for manicure and pedicure tools. It comes complete with a fold-out fin that can be placed between the knees to keep your hand and polish steady for a smooth finish. There is also an integrated polish holder to keep your nail polish bottle upright and prevent unwanted spills and staining.

Nailpad can be used in at least four different ways and is perfectly portable, fitting easily into make-up and handbags. It is also available in a choice of two colours: glossy black and hot pink.


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