Six things To Help Kick The Habit

It’s not easy to quit a habit that has led you to spend all day long craving for something that’s not great for your health. Like with most cravings and habits, they can overwhelm you and make you feel anxious, frustrated and unable to see the wood for the trees. The longer you’ve been smoking, the harder it is to quit, and the more you resist the urge to smoke, the more you want to do it.

The good news is that despite the cravings and the pain of that, you can get through giving it up and swapping out this bad habit. You just have to have the will to try. Adopting healthy habits to replace smoking is your first port of call, and whether you visit this website and choose to start vaping in place of smoking or not, you can get out of this rut. Occupying your hands can get you feeling as if you are replacing your smoking with something else – and you will be! So, let’s look at six things that you could be doing instead of smoking.


Sometimes, you need to sit back and be thankful for what you can be thankful for. If you are taking a moment to be calm and breathe, you’re going to be able to centre yourself and just be for a second. Meditation is going to make a big difference to your ability to quit smoking. Each time you want to pick up a cigarette, take a minute to relax and think. Meditation is going to help you to occupy your mind and remove you from the cravings.

Release Stress

Whether you exercise or you pick up a new hobby like painting, you need to do whatever you can to release your stress. Stress is often a precursor for smoking, and if you’re not feeling stressed, you’ll be less tempted to pick up the cigarette packet. You can reduce your anxiety and release your stress when you identify your stressors and start working on them.

Visualise It

You know you want to quit smoking, so start thinking about what a healthier you will look like. Where are you? What are you spending your money on now you’re spending it on smoking? If you can visualise a healthier you, you’re going to be more inclined to go and find that person so that you can be the best of you that you can be.

Busy Your Hands

You have to consider the fact that when you stop smoking, you need to put something in your hands to make them feel busy once again. Whether you play an instrument or you learn to knit, you need to get your hands moving properly.

Start Reading

No matter what the book is about, you can start reading and immerse yourself in other worlds, taking your mind off the cigarettes your body still craves. Pick up a book and start reading it; you can work your way through an entire library if that helps you!

Get Moving

Replace smoking with exercise. Run every single time you feel like you want to smoke – you’ll see how quickly you get fit and appreciate your new found lung space, too!


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