The Candle Brand

I love filling my home with scented candles, with floral and fresh fragrances being my favourites. Burning scented candles, can lift and brighten your mood, but of course, not all scented candles are good for your health.

The Candle Brand are specialists in creating home fragrances that stimulate the senses, enhance mood, and inspire memories whilst protecting your family and the environment. They hand pour with precision and create high quality products from their beautiful farm house set in the Norfolk Countryside.

All products are handmade using the highest quality raw materials. They make conscious decisions about every part of their business – from the materials they work with to the Eco-friendly packaging they use.

Giving you 100% Natural Wax for a cleaner, non-toxic burn, that is also Vegan Friendly

T H E  B U R N + B L O O M  C O L L E C T I O N

Set in luxury thick amber glass filled with a natural blend of Rapeseed and Coconut Wax. Each 20 hour candle comes with an instructional label inside the lid on how to use wooden wicks to get the best burn from your candle.

This beautiful candle collection not only complements any home interior but, the eco-friendly, wrap around labels made from recycled papers, also offer the extra unique feature of having embedded wildflower seeds.
Simply plant the labels and watch flowers such as; pink and red poppies, common daisies, the gloriosa daisy, black eyed susan, and other annual and perennial wild flower mixes grow.

Each candle comes with an instructional care card on how to grow your labels. How amazing is that!

With a range of candles with different burning times, wax melts, oil burners, gift sets and fragrance diffusers, there is something for everyone.


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