Twelve Ways to Live Luxuriously

As most people would agree, there is nothing wrong with a little (or a lot of) luxury here and there – particularly when life sometimes gets a little bit crazy. Nothing’s wrong with choosing comfort every once in a while. Contrary to popular beliefs, luxury-living is different from showing off your wealth. Instead, it’s about self-expression and taking pride in the fruits of your labour. That said, it’s possible to live luxuriously, but inexpensively. 

Sometimes it only involves making wiser decisions and a few changes to your routine. You’ll also need to understand the things that matter to you, and then of course lookout for the best deals in town. But of course, if you can afford to live large, then go for it. After all, it’s your life, so, live it your way. So, here are a few ways to live your life to the max. You can choose any of them as a replacement of an old way of doing things, or as a once in a while treat.

Online shopping spree

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The internet has become the largest marketplace in the world with various vendors selling anything you can think of. You can easily access online retailers in your region, and you buy virtually everything from the comfort of your home. Online shops can deliver you high-quality products to make you look and feel stylish. As you strive for a more comfortable experience, do well to keep track of your finances. Try your best to give yourself a budget so that you don’t overspend. You can also lower your expenditure by downloading and installing shopping extensions such as Honey. This add-on contains coupon codes that offer amazing discounts for your online shopping needs. Having them attached to your browsers, therefore, allows you to stay at home and order high-end products at reduced prices. And that’s one secret to the luxurious living that they don’t tell you about.

Declutter your home

The nature of your house can affect your mood, and you can’t claim to be comfortable when your space does not reflect that. Just as charity begins at home, luxury-living also begins at home and a clean one at that. Assuming you don’t want to or simply cannot buy a new house, take steps to maintain your current home. You also don’t need to spend money travelling to expensive hotels to experience what a well-designed space feels like. So, clear away the messiness and clutter since they tarnish the beauty of a house. By doing that, you will reveal the beautiful parts of your home, allowing you to make necessary design changes where necessary. So, from your living room to the kitchen and bedrooms, keep things in order. Look into your drawers and closets, and do away with all non-essential (or unwanted items). Do this until you’re left with those items that are priceless. 

Invest wisely

As you raise your standard of living, don’t forget to make investments that count. Good investments will bring in higher returns that will only bring in more funds. With more wealth flowing into your accounts from different revenue streams, you can live large for years without regretting any expenses. You may not reap the benefits immediately but trust that you’ll have a more financially secure future. Indeed, it will be unfortunate if the opposite occurred. So, if you need to, hire a financial advisor to help with the money matters and show you the ropes.

Bring nature into your home

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Greenery has the power to transform your home from boring to elevating. Plants purify the air and take you close to nature’s refreshing beauty. Luxury, in this case, will be provided by the flush of fresh air and beautiful scenery you get to look at every day. You can also make a hobby out of planting and maintaining the greenery. The additional benefit is the positive admiration that you’ll get from your visitors. You can decide to get a beautiful lawn, some plants, and flowers and preferably, those with longer lifespans such as cactus and orchid flowers. 

Drive a luxury car

Luxury cars make luxury-living complete. Buy yourself an exotic vehicle such as the Range Rover Sport, and hit the road with power wheels. Luxury cars are designed to maximize your comfort and safety. They are also faster and more admirable than conventional cars.

 However, due to their advanced features, exotic cars can be very expensive — some cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. For example, a brand new Lamborghini Aventador can cost as high as $400,000. If you manage to acquire such a supercar, you are sure to attract plenty of attention and admiration from people around you. This is because such cars demand a hefty price tag and they exhibit unique features and outperform most regular cars on the road. If you are more environmentally conscious, you can still drive a top performing car and still keep the pollution levels to a minimum. Eco-friendly electric cars such as the Tesla Model S. Electric and hybrid cars are very efficient, with much less pollutants.

Eat high-quality meals

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Your diet is another way to express your lifestyle. Everyone has that special meal they can’t do without. Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to unleash its reign of terror, it might not be the best idea to go to the restaurants and bars. You can still stay at home instead, and cook yourself nutritious diets. Healthy diets will keep you strong and fit to enjoy your luxurious lifestyle.

Entertain yourself

Without entertainment, life, in general, may become too boring for your liking. Surely, it won’t hurt to spice things up one in a while. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy and simple things like listening to music or settling down for a good movie will suffice. Treat yourself to a subscription on any of the numerous streaming platforms to be up-to-date with all the exciting releases. You can also get the family or a few friends together to watch or have a little game night, making sure to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.  

Lend a helping hand

As the sayings go, ‘givers never lack’, and ‘one good turn deserves another’. Sometimes, you can derive a sense of fulfilment from lending a helping hand to someone who might need it and that in itself can be a luxury. So lookout for the underprivileged ones in your community and support any way you can. You can also contribute to a charity event or even help a friend out with something they’ve been struggling with. 

Make new friends

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Life is beautiful when you have someone to share it with. So, on your journey to living a more luxurious lifestyle, consider making some new friends. Your old friends are gold, and you may not need to replace them. But making new acquaintances, especially from a different culture as you will expose you to a world of wonderful experiences. If you’ve been single for a while, you can look into getting back into the dating pool. It’s a great idea to try to find someone compatible with you to share life with. You’ll notice an improvement in your quality of life when you open yourself up to learn from others.

Avoid negative lifestyles

Don’t confuse luxury with bad habits. Having the resources does not mean making otherwise detrimental lifestyle choices such as addiction to smoking and heavy drinking. These habits can have devastating long-term effects on your life, leading to premature ageing and even death. So, do your best to avoid those negative habits by having a support system.

Learn new skills

What extracurricular activities are you passionate about? Maybe there’s one thing you’ve wanted to do for years, but unnecessary excuses held you back from trying them out. Well, another way to live luxuriously is to learn new skills to keep you versatile. So, pick up a new project and set yourself new goals geared towards self-improvement. For example, hit the gym to burn off some fat and keep yourself enviably fit. You can also take a yoga class to learn some new techniques to improve your mental health and wellness.

Celebrate your birthday in grand style

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Your birthday is a special occasion and so treat it as such. Friends and family members will wish you their hearty congratulations on your new age. But if you want more than just best wishes, then go ahead to throw a massive birthday celebration at home. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive, and a small gathering or your closest friends and family will do. You can either cook or order some of your favourite dishes or even snacks to grace the occasion. The idea is to create lasting memories for all of you to cherish, which is enough luxury. A heartfelt exchange of gifts can be the icing on the cake, and everyone leaves happier than they came.

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, whether they are rich or otherwise. These top tips allow anyone to experience just that in their own way, according to their means.  


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